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In bid tackle malnutrition, gout is developing an atlas to map the crops and food grains grown in different regions of the country so that nutrition protein in rich food in local areas can be promoted. The ministers of women or child development and association with  the BILL &Melinda gates foundation and deendayal research institute is developing a POSHAN atlas under POSHAN abhiyan, government’s multi- ministerial convergence mission with the vision to insure attainment of malnutrition free India by 2022. According to the world Bank nutrition report-2018’ malnutrition costs India at least $10 billion annually in terms of lost productivity, illness and death and is seriously retarding improvement in human development and further reduction of childhood mortality.  POSHAN abhiyan is focusing on ensuring the nutrition of children, women and pregnant mothers in impoverished areas and government seems to be looking at community management of the problem.

-POSHAN abhiyan: – 2% per year of malnutrition Anemia 3% per year

Jan andolan for malnutrition.

Although the ministries who have stake hold adjoining together.

Awareness programs also been in running POSHAN Atlas  providing different kind of crop cultivation knowledge.

-Can we free from malnutrition ?

Indradhanush has also been successful under forgetter year and going beyond it by 7%.

-Low birth rate\ underweight child\ stunting

-There is dedicated nutritious program without a political will.

-Aanganwadi is the back bone of ICD.

-Public health management cadre with the linking of public adjoinment.

Scale of problem of malnutrition?

Ratio of nutrition is imbalanced where both over nutrition and nutrition considered.

Right kind of nutrition, like micro-nutrition is not available in pretty much amount.

Kind of malnutrition that need?

-Anthropometric assessment

-blood test

-Calorie test

– 29 state of country the survey conducted.

-Demonstrate the nutrition level, need to conduct test on large level.


  1. Lack of awareness
  2. Currently the healthy infrastructure is not that much strong, All the policy or sight on the treatment if we see the tertiary, secondary hospital medical services.
  3. Primary health- Ayushman


  1. Health and wellness
  2. centre, 5 lakh, 10cr. People
  3. Tertiary healthcare
  • Availability of food and infection.
  • Not getting treatment at a time, all these disease need to determine with village level. Not the centre or city.
  • Cleanliness is a gamete of all the disease.


Way foreword:-

  1. Preventive aspect of health.
  2. Aasha health care centre should be strengthening.
  3. Awareness program, movement.
  4. Community health program.
  5. Food diversity with availability and need of the people.
  6. Parent meeting can availability this.
  7. Demand from community especially for women.
  8. Integrated care with utilization.