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Introduction: – India-China will commemorate the 70th anniversary of the establishment if diplomatic relations next year with 70 celebratory activities, events besides military exchanges. The events were finalized in line with the understanding reached by PM Modi and  Xi Jinping during their second informal summit Mamallpuram on oct 11-12 this year. This activities include the two sides holding joint cultural performances at various border post, visits of Indian naval ships as well as mid –level triservice delegation of the Indian armed forces to china Besides hosting parliamentary exchanges, the 2 countries will conduct various activities to trace civilizational links. On the business and trade front, china will hold a china- India trade and investment cooperation forum in India and organize the second china- India drug regulation. The first forum was held in china.

– where Sino – India Ties stand at a moment?

-People to people contact.

Gulf perception

-China is not comfortable with India rise. For this high level of exchange in formal and informed. They are meeting bilateral or multilateral flora

– There are 2 thing going parallel

  1. More engaged on core issues.

-Tourism multiple entry visas.

-10 pillar agreement.

– US china trade war, border issue caution.

How much china willing to sought out some differences?

  1. Short term solution is not a way in border issue too.
  2. Border demarcation.
  3. Sino considering the competition and Asia can’t be a single polar.

Pakistan is a major player between India-China.

 People to people contact.

Tourism:- China is less in no. but India are large in no. so that this cross pollination is between them is very less.

Mammalpuram meet set a stage and all the issues take time.

  • Informal meet is constructive or traditional meeting?
  • It is not so much constructive because there is basic gap between the core agenda.
  • The talk is yielding the relation.
  • Optics of People to People contact with 70th summit with 70 events.
  • China concern or China collaboration on major issues?
  1. China expectation is stable periphery or alliance e.g. “Hindi Chini bhai –bhai.” India is not saying anything on China’s expectation.
  2. Unipolar
  3. Shared destiny \community\ participant in all the country.
  4. BRI initiative\ constant aspect.
  5. They live to be part of BRI ad IR relation in China perception, climate change with equal differential responsibility.

Non- interference policy\WTO \ G-77 countries need to work bilaterally these events boosting up those entire things.

  1. RCEP ad joinment issue.
  2. Jobs, employment
  3. The persecution of Uighur Community “not used properly with humanity percept”.
  4. Baluchistan\ Khybas\ Phaqutar which is not comfortable picture.
  5. Potential is there where can neutralize the heat in Pakistan or where the extreme things going on in percept of persecution.

Way forward

  1. Manage the relationship in border issue like Doklam issue.
  2. Try to narrow the divergence.
  3. Civilizational society will go on parallel track.
  4. China can be best friend in continuous dialogue that with decent ties.
  5. Wuhar spirit \ Chennai meet.
  6. Major project on border.
  7. Border demarcation.
  8. Trade issue which is not balanced that in trade deficit.
  9. RCEP Bridge is not managed but that should be with lance of china but there is deficit for India.
  10. Maintain the status co.
  11. Cultural connect.
  12. Buddhist connect.
  13. Core issue is concerned but that may enhance the ties with the entire meet with regular bases.