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Introduction:- 1.Annual level of summit held between PM Modi and Shnizo Abe, here India Japan held first ever ministerial level 2+2 dialogue in New Delhi. This involves the Defense and foreign ministers on both sides are seen as an endorsement of the special strategic partnership between both nations.

2+2 dialogue

  1. Till now India – Japan held 2+2 dialogue at the secretary level.
  2. Now they decided to have 2+2 dialogue mechanism b\w defense and foreign ministers.
  3. Aim giving political muscle to the exiting diplomatic, security and defense cooperation.
  4. So, for India Sharing 2+2 dialogue b\w defense and foreign ministers with the US.
  5. This dialogue has been driven by the mutual desire to frame an Asia that is not dominated by single country and to see the emergence of multipolar Indo- Pacific that is freeing open and inclusive.
  6. INDIA-JAPAN both approached the emerging ASEAN strategic frame. Work with the goal in mind and both want an inclusive approach in the region. Both see china’s approach in the region as being exclusivist. There is a clear clash between these two visions of the region.
  7. Discussions on global commons including maritime, outer space and cyber have been key themes in this dialogue.

First I-J 2+2 foreign and defense ministerial meeting

  1. This dialogue will further enhance the strategic depth of bilateral security and defense cooperation. Acknowledging emerging security challenger, the ministers reiterated their commitment to advanced bilateral security cooperation based on the 2008 joint declaration on security cooperation and the 2009 Action plan to advance security cooperation. Recalling that the 2 sides had a shared vision of a free, open inclusive and rules based Indo- pacific region in which the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity are ensured and all countries enjoy freedom of navigation and over flight, emphasized that further strengthening of bilateral cooperation was in mutual interest of both countries and would also help in furthering the cause of the place, security and prosperity in Indo- pacific region.
  2. “Dharma Guardian-2019”

“Shinjuku Maître -2019”

  1. Acquisition and cross- servicing agreement (ASCA) since the announcement to commerce the negotiations in October 2018.
  2. Emphasized the need to further strengthen the defense equipment and technology.
  3. Appreciated the existing exchange programs between the defense educational and research institutions of the countries and expressed their desire to continue and expand the exchange program.

Multilateral cooperation

“Malabar 2019”:- India –us –Japan

MINEX: – Mine counter measures exercise 2019.

Cope India 2019

Regional and international affairs

  1. A frank and fruitful exchange of views on the regional issues of mutual interests particularly on the security situation in indo-pacific.
  2. The ministers reaffirmed the importance of supporting ASEAN centrality and unity for promoting peace prosperity of the indo-pacific.
  3. Announcement of indo-pacific oceans initiative ‘at the recent 14th EAS to create a safe, secure, stable, prosperity and sustainable maritime domain and confirmed their willingness to discuss concrete cooperation based on the initiative.
  4. Threat of terrorism

Overall the Japan-India ministerial level 2+2 strategic dialogue is an important initiative emphasizing the deep interest in both India and Japan further strengthen their security and strategic engagement. The countries have built a strong strategic partnership in last decade. While china may have been a factor building their relationship was easier because of the absence of any baggage unlike for instance with the United States. But India and Japan also need to build a larger coalition if they are to balance to china effectively.